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Jun 28, 2012 7:16 PM by Steven Albritton

Health Reform Could Be Trouble For Doctors

Doctors are having mixed reactions about health care reform.

"There's a concern we're going to have a lot of new patients coming in with an insurance that may not reimburse as well," Dr. Joseph Orgeron said.

With 30 million people becoming insured in the near future doctors will be seeing more patients. That's the good news for them. But the problem is that health care costs are rising, while reimbursements from insurance companies are going down. Doctors may not be able to make as much money per patient depending on the insurance provider.

"A lot of doctors are concerned that they won't be able to continue to practice medicine the way they are used to," Dr. Orgeron said.

Many older doctors talked about how this is a very similar situation to when Medicare was passed years ago.

"There was a lot of fear about how it was going to end the practice of medicine as they knew it, but they adjusted and things went on," Dr. Orgeron said.

Doctors aren't sure what will happen in the next three to five years. Many younger doctors who have student loans, or large business loans to pay off could face trouble in the future.

"It's kind of scary not knowing where things are headed," Dr. Orgeron said.


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