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Jul 15, 2011 7:34 PM by Chris Welty

Harry Potter Movie has Lafayette Connection

All over the world, thousands are packing theaters for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

At the Grand Theater on Johnston Street, almost 35-hundred people flew in to see the final battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort.

Since 1997, Harry Potter books have captured the minds of the young and old. The movies illuminated the big screen ten years ago, and Mudbloods, Muggles, Wizards, and Witches alike couldn't wait for the premier on Friday at midnight. One woman we caught up with wished to hide her identity because she couldn't wait for her son to get off of work to see the movie.

"He would absolutely kill me, but I cant help it. I used to take him out of school on the first day Harry Potter would come out. I have absolutely no ability to wait, I'm like a two year old, plus 50 years," said our anonymous die hard fan.

In the middle of all the hype, Pixel Magic, a Los Angeles based company with a branch in Lafayette. Pixel Magic is one of the visual effects companies that worked on the film, converting it from 2-D too 3-D.

"A movie is shot in 3d, you have two cameras shooting at the same times, but when it needs to get converted, you have one camera. They give us the one camera and we basically create 2 cameras off the info we get," said Jordan Alphnso, Lead Artist for Pixel Magic Lafayette.

A local film company given a chance to work on a film that's captured the hearts of millions. "Harry Potter was 11 when I was 11 and I started reading the books. Our generation has grown up with him, so it's sad to see it end," said Margarete Sartori.

"As much as you work on a movie, by now I know all the character names and everything about it. I realized how big this phenomenon is," said Alphnso.

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