May 26, 2010 6:53 PM by Kate Mundy

Harley Hearse Attracts Attention In Breaux Bridge

A new fixture in front of a Breaux Bridge business is attracting a lot of attention. Some say the new addition on Berard Street is heaven sent.

"That's amazing," said one passerby. "You wouldn't believe the number of people who stop by and take pictures and the number of people who tell us, that's the way they want to go," said Frank Pellerin, co-owner of Pellerin Funeral Homes.

It's not your average hog. The eye catching piece of machinery is the newest way in Louisiana to grant the dearly departed a free-wheeling, fun-spirited ride to the other side.

"With motorcycle riders we have a saying that four wheels will move your body but two wheels will move your soul," said Gene Pellerin Funeral Home.

That's exactly what Shawn "Shark" Lauchner wanted for his dad Ronnie "Pop" Laucher. The 63-year old's Breaux Bridge farewell was in a Harley Hearse. "Pop" rode for most of his life and even in death, he was able to get one final ride. "He had the personality to fit the way he went out in style, I tell you that," said Lauchner.

The Harley Davidson hearse appeals to not only motorcycle riders, but veterans and even some average folks. "It's something that you've never seen before. It's taking a modern Harley Davidson trike and putting it together with a 19th Century caisson," said Frank Pellerin.   
The $75,000 addition at Pellerin Funeral home, is currently the only one of its kind at a funeral home in Louisiana.


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