Mardi Gras

Mar 1, 2014 7:38 PM by Erin Steuber

Happy to Change the Business Model

Mardi Gras weekend is upon us and the celebrations haven't stopped. Hundreds have lined the parade route ready to catch some beads. And in order for everyone to enjoy the fun the entire weekend, until Fat Tuesday, some businesses along the route are happily changing their business model.

"My favorite part about Mardi Gras is beads. Beads and barbecue, that's what I'm talking about," said Jason Buller.

And that's exactly how this groups is celebrating, but where they're at may surprise you.

"J.P releasing this spot, just being close, this close to the parade, I mean we're right on Johnston Street. So it's really awesome," said Buller.

Motor City has been transforming their business into a Mardi Gras oasis for 11 years.

"Well basically what I do while this is going on is I create a customer appreciation day. I have vendors come in and I have campers come in and I create a really fun family environment," said Jean Paul Guidry, owner of Motor City.

Without this lot being available, Mardi Gras enthusiasts say the celebration just wouldn't be the same.

"No, it really wouldn't. I mean just being this close," said Buller.

But in turn it means business is not the same.

"It definitely takes away from the business, but I would like everyone to know how appreciative I am," said Guidry.



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