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Dec 17, 2013 8:43 PM by Alex Labat

"Halo" Gets a New Leash on Life

An update on a story we first brought you last week, about a puppy named "halo". Police say the dog was stolen from a Lake Charles home by Tyler Sanders back in August. He was later rescued in November, with several broken bones, a skull fracture, and multiple head wounds from a pellet gun. Sanders is charges with animal cruelty.

Meet Halo. A six month old pit bull puppy who's lucky to be alive. Renee Smith, President of the Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, recalls the state that Halo was in when they found him. "We found three pellets in his head, and a fractured ocular bone as well", says Smith. Those injuries, couples with broken front and back legs, mean that Halo has a long road to recovery...but one month after his rescue, Halo is up and running. "A lot of his rehabilitation thus far has been working on his emotional rehabilitation, which means learning that there are safe places and safe people", says Smith.

The rescue hopes that one day, Halo will be well enough to be used as a therapy dog, helping others recover just as he is now. "You know, it's amazing when people see a dog, and the look of joy on their face when a dog walks in that they can pet, you just don't know how that's going to change them getting better", says Smith. Those with the rescue also say they want Halo's story to be a lesson to those afraid of pit bulls...that you should be more afraid of man, than man's best friend. Smith explains, "Everybody says, "Oh, the breed." Well, it's a human that owns the dog, it's the human that trained it to do horrible things. It's the human that you should be afraid of".

If you're interested in a rescue dog, those with Lake Charles Pit Bull Recovery say they still have plenty of dogs that need good homes. The organization can be reached at 1 (713) 854-1895, as well as their Facebook page here. Halo's Facebook page can be found here.



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