Jan 13, 2010 7:24 PM by Kate Mundy

Haiti Earthquake: Acadiana Priests Safe

Relief in Acadiana, as friends and family receive word from loved ones that they're safe. Father Bryce Sibley of St. Anne's in Mamou took the last flight out before the devastating earthquake. His ticket was originally for a later flight. "The earthquake literally happened before the 5:30 flight was supposed to take off," said Fr. Sibley.

Just days before, he participated in a seminar for the superiors, visited shanty towns and saw the cathedral and presidential palace. "I just drove past there a couple days ago and saw them and now to see they're in ruins and in fact the archbishop with whom I celebrated mass just last week and was able to speak to died in the quake, so it's all very, very shocking. Very real because it just happened that a few days ago I was there," Fr. Sibley.

He's now on his way back to Acadiana. Meanwhile, Fr. Glenn Meaux of Abbeville used the web to say he's okay. "WE are ok the land trembled but we are ok...... felt the land tremble but nothing major here," he wrote.

Fr. Meaux operates a mission in a remote part of Haiti. Wednesday, he updated the site: "Just to let you know that we are OK here. There were tremors that lasted for about a minute or so. All our villages are good. No injuries that I am aware of yet. Love you More..."  He adds, "Thank God for the gardens and water supply lines they've developed over the years for the Mission Compound and for the Villagers!"

In Lafayette, nurse Barbara McClees got word from sisters with  Franciscan Missionionaries of Our Lady. She served with them in a mountainous region outside Port Au Pince. "Luckily we have heard and had correspondence that our convent and our infirmary are okay, they are treating patients with broken arms, cuts," said McClees.

Both McClees and Fr. Sibley worry about recovery there. Conditions were already deplorable, now, they say it's unimaginable.


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