Mar 7, 2010 10:18 PM by Sarah Rosario

UPDATE: Jury Returns Two Guilty Verdicts In Guillory Trial

Just after 2 PM, a jury charged with deciding the fate of a suspected serial killer charged with attempted murder found him guilty. Jeffery Lee Guillory was convicted on two charges following a brutal attack on a Lafayette woman in 2007.


10 witnesses were called testify today in the attempted murder trial of suspected serial killer Jeffery Lee Guillory. The continued trial began at 9:15 a.m. The people who testifying were taking about what happened on December 29th, 2007. The first person who took the stand was an ER doctor who saw the victim as she came into the emergency room. He recalled how she looked saying she had strangle marks around her neck, brusied shoulders, and a black eye from a direct blow to her eye. All of these to him were evidences of someone who was beaten badly, just as she said she was.

The other people who testified today include sheriff deputies, police officers, detectives, a salvation army representative and a DNA forensic analyst expert. The second person to testify was the man who called 911. He says he was walking on a dirt path near the bus stop when he heard a women screaming for help. He says he saw two men walking by but didn't want to get involved because of fear of being out numbered. He later identified one of those men as Jeffery Guillory.

The forensic DNA expert testified about all of the items sent to the crime lab. Items such as a the victim's bloody sweater, her shirt, pants, ect.. Other items examined were swabs from both the victim as well as Guillory. The expert said the majority of the items that she analysed contained the DNA of both the victim and Guillory.

The detectives testified on the ATM picture they collected from a camera of the person who stole the victims purse and used her credit card. When the picture was shown to the victim she said thats the person who attacked me. The picture shown to her was a picture of Jeffery Guillory.

Ultimatley, whether or not Guillory is found guilty lies in the hands of Jury. The trial will resume again Friday morning at 9:15 a.m.

Sarah Rosario



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