Feb 5, 2013 11:32 PM by Steven Albritton

Gueydan Residents Want Answers from Officials About January Flooding

Residents of Gueydan are still trying to figure out how and why their town flooded. The town is equipped with both pumps and levees to protect them. A town hall meeting Tuesday night was called to discuss what happened. A volatile capacity crowd gathered to get answers.

"I want to know what happened that night and what you plan on doing about it," one man said.

January's flooding left water in many homes. Kaitlin Atkinson lost a car among other things. She is having trouble recovering her losses through her insurance providers and the city.

"The insurance company isn't responsible. The town isn't responsible. FEMA, you know they wait until they declare it an emergency before they're going to help. There's no answers and that's what we're looking for," Atkinson said.

Only a few people were allowed inside the meeting but many had something to say to both the board and the mayor.

"An engineer can tell me how many inches them 3 36's (pumps) and that 24 can pump off!"

"I had one of the workers ride past my my house to pick up an ice chest that was about to float in the canal. He told me your pumps were down. He was about to get it running and when it got running the water would go down. Well it's too late. it's too late," Atkinson said.

Mayor David Dupuis says the pumps were working properly when Gueydan flooded. He directed other flood questions to Todd Vincent who is an engineer with Sellers & Associates, Inc.

"You have a levee system, an interior drainage system and a pumping system. It just exceeded the capacity of the system and that's what happened and it backed up," Vincent said.

The town is having more gas tanks installed for the pumps this week to keep them running for longer periods of time. Vincent also said the storm which hit Gueydan was a "1 in 100" year storm. The city currently has a $1.5 million dollar proposal submitted to the state to upgrade their levee system.



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