Aug 18, 2014 5:34 PM by Dave Fields

Graham reaches understanding about goalpost-dunking after Payton meeting

A behind-closed-doors meeting between New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and his head coach has resulted in an understanding for the Pro-Bowler.

"For four years and however many touchdowns, I always dunked it," Graham told the Times-Picayune. "I just got to stop doing that now."

The tete-a-tete between Coach Sean Payton and Graham was necessitated by Graham's two post-touchdown, goalpost dunks in celebration of the receiver's two scores in Friday's 31-24 Saints victory over the Tennessee Titans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Friday night.

Both Graham and Payton agreed to keep the precise content of their discussion private, the Times Picayune reported.

The two dunks each resulted in 15-yard-penalties in an infraction-laced contest that prompted a post-game tongue-lashing by the Saints' head coach. Following each of Graham's two touchdowns, the Saints were forced to kickoff 15-yards further back than the customary spot.

According to the Picayune's report, Graham clarified that he was not planning to dunk the ball over the goalposts during the season because he wouldn't have done anything to intentionally set his team back.

Payton told the paper that his star tight-end's penalties didn't affect his opinion of Graham.

"I'm his biggest fan," Payton said. "I'm sure as we get going here that type of thing isn't going to be a problem. Rules are changing constantly whether we like them or voted for them or any of those things. He's outstanding. He'll be ready to go."

"I haven't (been fined)," Graham explained to the paper. "That's just the rule, which is unfortunate because I just love the game. I have a lot of passion for the game. I go out there on Sunday and it's fun for me. It's just fun. Act like a little kid out there, and sometimes I act like it."

Graham told the Picayune that his head coach treats his players "like men" and "he expects us to act like men."



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