Apr 4, 2014 8:31 PM by Dave Fields

Gov. Jindal orders late Friday spending freeze until June 30

Late on Friday, Gov. Bobby Jindal announced the issuance of an executive order to freeze the spending of all state departments until June 30.

With only a few exceptions, the governor instructed all departments, agencies, and/or budget units of the executive branch to freeze expenditures. Some of these exceptions include declared emergencies; constitutional functions; constitutional mandates; existing court orders; existing cooperative
endeavor agreements; existing bona fide obligations; budget activities of statewide control agencies; revenue collection activities; federally financed activities; field travel; correctional department supplies; juvenile care; and youth services.

The governor also exempted certain activities of education, public safety, and wildlife enforcement. A provision in the executive order allows Jindal to rescind the order anytime prior to the June 30 expiration.



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