Sep 1, 2010 6:39 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

Gov. Jindal Comes To Lafayette

In our coverage of the Governor tonight we focus on the crude disaster.  What's governor Jindal saying about the crisis and Louisiana's recovery from it?

Today a federal judge in New Orleans told the administration he would not throw out a lawsuit challenging the drilling moratorium.

Even though an estimated 4.9 million barrels of crude spewed into the gulf, earlier this week scientists and the FBA said gulf seafood is safe to eat.  

Meanwhile, all claims for damages are being handled by the gulf coast claims facility.  So far 94 percent of the claims have not been processed because they lack the proper documentation.

That's the backdrop for Gov's Jindal's speech:

"Sending those jobs to Egypt and the Congo is not doing anything for our economy."

Gov. Jindal in typical form got a few laughs from his audience at the Lafayette Crowne Plaza.  The Gov. also keyed in on the frustration in Louisiana: People fed up with the moratorium and the red tape during the clean up process in the gulf:

"So they said we need to stop what you're doing, we need to test those valves because there could be a few drops of oil might be going back into the water: So let me get this straight?  You are going to stop us from getting the oil out-- oil that you're letting sit there- because a few drops might be falling in?"

The Tea Party of Lafayette attended Jindal's speech.  Party Organizer Joyce Linde tells KATC she was disappointed in President Obama's speech last night but she was thrilled by the Gov's remarks.

"With all due respect to the President, we don't want a BP check, we don't want an unemployment check, we want to go back to work."


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