May 6, 2013 8:11 AM by Kristen Holloway

Going Green with LCG

Have you ever thought about recycling your storm water or having less yard maintenance?
Well now you can with the Low Impact Development.

It's becoming a trend with Lafayette businesses and LCG Public Works hopes residents will also get on board. It's called the green infrastructure project. It saves money, creates less pollution, improves drainage and businesses are seeing a difference.

It's all about using landscaping to go green, building things like rain gardens that collect water run-off and reduce storm water that ends up in streams and lakes. The rain gardens also filter through plants and soil, improving water quality.

A lot of commercial properties are seeing the benefit of it and they have certain drainage requirements but to also help protect the Vermilion River.
Officials with Home Bank jumped on board when they expanded their parking lot last year, adding what's called bio-swales.
They're designed to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. Home Bank Vice President Scott Sutton says his initial goal was to improve water quality but he's thrilled it was so cost effective.

"When they came to us and proposed this, we said why not try it, it smoothes out the water drainage into the sewage system and helps us purify some of the water as it goes into the system. We would get some build up in our parking lots because of that water now it's sits in our retention ponds and slowly filters into the sewer system at a later time," said Sutton.

These systems just aren't for business, homeowners have the option to have them installed as well.

"The green infrastructure I think that might catch on for residential, but also they wouldn't have to cut their grass and less maintenance operation as well," said LCG Regulatory Compliance Officer Kelia Bingham.

"Home Bank is excited we could be apart of the leaders in this, we will continue with the use of greenery to improve the environment and make it nicer for everybody.

The cost to have the green infrastructure installed is based on size of the bio-swale or rain garden, and what types of plants will be used. It's a case by case basis.

LCG says your savings will be in maintenance cost, less water used due to native plants, a reduction or elimination of herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer.
Also a reduction in manpower due to reduced grass cutting and weed eating.
Now if you want to learn more about installation for your home or business LCG has demos of bio-swales and rainwater gardens.
Just call LCG at 337-291-8547.



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