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May 23, 2011 11:33 PM by Shawn Kline

Goat evacuates, grazes above flood water

Residents in Butte La Rose now have less than 24-hours to get out.
The water is now standing just above 22-feet and when the mandatory evacuations kick-in at noon on Tuesday, it can really drive a community apart- evacuees moving to areas all over Acadiana. But sometimes, it can pull a few together.
This is one of those stories:

Sandra Tucker packed her car for the last time on Monday, moving out before the water moves in.

"I like the fact that they keep giving us a few more days but I would've packed better for that." Tucker says, "once I'm packed, I'm packed and now I get to stay for a few more days."

When Sandra moved to Butte La Rose after Katrina, this was one of the last things she expected. But when she was packing-up Sunday night, all expectations went "down the river."

"Heard a big stomp!" Tucker said, "we didn't know what to do- it was a big goat!"

That's right- she found a goat, standing just above the rising flood water.

"He got comfortable enough to lick my hand and let me pet him," Tucker said of the next few days that passed.

She immediately called the authorities about her new backyard guest but no one has claimed ownership. Now, the goat she calls, "Honey" has made some new friends of his own: a flock of sheep in Arnaudville.
Sandra says he'll be bunking with them until the water goes down and she can bring him back home to Butte La Rose.

"He's just really majestic and regal." She says, "and I just fell in love with him."

A love story about a woman and her... goat... brought together by slowly rising flood waters.



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