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Dec 1, 2011 9:01 AM by Tracy Wirtz

Go Red For Women Program Starts!

Twelve women began the Go Red For Women program with Dawn Foreman at Personally Fit, and KATC is making the strategies available to you as well. GMA's Tracy Wirtz will once again join you on your journey, with guidance from dawn, of course. the official start day for our group is monday.

You may think now is a challenging time to start such a venture, but Dawn says it's actually the perfect time to start learning to live a healthier lifestyle.

She says the reality is we have holidays every year so when you're able to go through the program during the holidays, then you're able to work the program while life is happening, as opposed to putting your life on hold while focusing on your health.

We love to eat during the holidays. Many of us use the holidays as an excuse to eat more than we should, and Dawn says that's precisely the problem. We eat our way from Thanksgiving until New Year and then decide to "try" to lose weight as a resolution. Part of the reality she's talking about is that we have a month where we should be more vigilant, and with the 12-week go red program, we can do it right.

Dawn says with the first two weeks of the program it offers you time to "get your mind right" and plan how you are going to face the more trying times.

Each week will be posted on KATC.com so you can plan ahead, and we will do this together. And don't worry! Dawn says you can still enjoy all your favorite Christmas food!

She explains that when it comes to xmas eve and xmas day, you're gonna have what you want. And then on dec 26, it's time to focus on your health again.

Click here to visit the Go Red For Women page to take and download the first week's information so you can plan to start with the KATC group on Monday! Good luck!



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