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Feb 7, 2013 8:54 AM by Kristen Holloway

Go Red Challenge in the Final Home Stretch

The Go Red Challenge in the final home stretch. This initiative strives to educate women on the dangers of Heart Disease and how they can prevent it. In just a few hours women wearing their best red will meet and celebrate the power of learning how to fight Heart Disease. One Youngsville native is now impacting lives after completing the program just four years ago. She found out how important it is to pay attention to the signals your body is sending you.
"My heart wasn't beating correcting, it was beat too slow which made me tired and dizzy," said Go Red Participate Alison Landry.
Landry went through the go red program and discovered a problem during one of her cardio classes. Her heart rate wasn't high enough.
"I thought everything was normal, I was always having sinus issues so the lightheaded and the dizziness I thought it was with the sinuses," said Landry.
Staff at the gym where Alison was doing her regular workouts suggested she see a doctor immediately.
"We checked and I asked her about it and she said no it's just because I'm in really good shape and I'm like no that's not it. Your heart rate should still be going up as you're working out," said Dawn Aforeman.
Alison went to a cardiologist. At just 38 years old, a pace maker was put in to regulate her heart.
"Having two small girls at that time, it was like will I be here to see them grow up, will I see dance recitals, will I see graduations, weddings and grandchildren," said Landry.
Today Alison is completely healthy and says she owes it all to the Go Red Program.
"I'm about to do a half marathon in a week so that's over 13 miles and I am an instructor, I teach cardio and weight classes, so it has allowed me to pay it forward to other ladies," said Landry.
The Go Red luncheon starts at 10a.m.


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