Nov 3, 2010 8:23 PM by Carolyn Cerda

"Go-Cups" Gone

Taking your alcoholic drinks "to-go" will soon be a thing of the past in parts of Lafayette. The City Parish Council passed the so called "Go-Cup" ordinance late last night, after about three hours of debate. But, now some residents are questioning the details of the ordinance. KATC brought your questions to Lafayette Police for some answers.

"I think it's a positive thing not only for the department but for the community," said Cpl. Paul Mounton.

Viewers wanted to know, "Where exactly will the ordinance be enforced?"

The ordinance will prohibit possession of open alcohol containers, and public consumption of alcohol in the Downtown district, Simcoe-Surrey Street corridor and the McKinley Street strip of Lafayette.

The next biggest question we received was, "Will everyone, including those carrying non-alcoholic beverages, with go-cups be targeted by police?"

Cpl. Mouton says it's not likely. He says one of the main reasons the ordinance passed, was to will help with crowd control during bar hours.

"The bars are able to stay open til 2am and most of the festivals will begin earlier. So we're looking at two different entities or groups of people here. So during the festival, like Downtown Alive, it will be allowed... and, upon the closure of that event it won't be allowed any more."

Mouton says patrons should not be concerned about being stopped for carrying a non-alcoholic go-cup, because the majority of patrols hit the three affected areas after restaurants close. "If they're leaving those establishments with non-alcoholic drinks, chances are they won't be stopped."

Another question, "When does the ordinance go into affect?"

"I think the safe thing to say is that the go cup ordinance is in effect," said Mouton. He says the ordinance will take effect as soon as LCG President Joey Durel signs it into law, which could be within a week. But, Mouton says the police department will do all it can to make sure residents know about the ordinance before they start enforcing it.

"It's gonna take some time for the people to understand that this law is in effect for these particular areas of town. Before it goes into effect, we're going to make sure they know the details of the ordinance."



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