Sep 21, 2010 12:09 AM by Jim Hummel

Go Cup Opposition

Take a Monday afternoon stroll on McKinley Street in Lafayette and it's apparent what goes on there over the weekend.  Beer bottles, broken glass and those popular go cups are a common sight at the edge of the sidewalk and elsewhere.

"Bottles, go cups, even wine bottles, pretty much anything that they drink has ended up in my backyard," said Sheila Forgason, who lives right off McKinley Street. 

Forgason's well-manicured lawn is a landscaping feat in this neighborhood, where the plastic go cups can be seen jay walking in the wind, days after they've seen their last drop of beer. 

It's scenes like that, which has driven the support behind a proposed ordinance that would ban public consumption of alcohol and possession of open containers on the McKinley strip, downtown district and Simcoe/Surrey Street corridor. 

"I think that it needs to be passed that go cups will not be allowed," said Forgason, who needs to clean her yard of debris several times a week. 

The Lafayette City Parish council will consider final adoption of the ordinance at it's regularly scheduled meeting, Tuesday at 5:30.


Jim Hummel


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