Mar 17, 2014 3:59 PM by Ian Auzenne

Girard park officials "thinning" duck population

Local residents who frequent Girard Park may notice that fewer ducks on the park's grounds.

According to Gerald Boudreaux, the director of Lafayette Parks and Recreation, the park is thinning the duck population in the park. Boudreaux says there were too many ducks for the size of the park. That combined with construction at the park created limited access to the lake for the ducks.

Boudreaux says the ducks are being humanely trapped and are being picked up by public and private organizations to relocate the ducks to other areas. Boudreaux says no of the ducks will be harmed during the transport to their new homes.

Boudreaux adds that Girard Park will never get rid of all of its ducks, saying that ducks will always have a home as long as Girard Park exists. He says that the duck population will once again rise during the spring as ducklings are hatched.



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