Dec 13, 2012 5:05 PM by Rob Perillo

Geminid Meteor Shower Tonight

Crystal clear, moon-less skies across Acadiana could provide excellent viewing conditions for the Geminid Meteor shower tonight.

A few nice meteors have been observed across Acadiana the last couple of evenings (including yours truly at 1105pm Wednesday night) with the peak of the Geminid Meteor shower coming later tonight.

Prime-time for viewing the action overhead locally is from 100am through 300am.  But usually the best fireballs, or bolide meteors, are usually seen this evening, any time from 700-1100pm but they are far and few between, generally 1 or less per hour. 

Much more frequent, and generally less spectacular meteors are usually viewed after midnight and before 400am.

Keys to catching the best show is to get out in the country, get away from city lights and get a comfortable chair that allows you to lay back and look up...chaise lounges work best. 

Once in position give your eyes at least 10 minutes to relax adjust to the darkness...usually your peripheral vision will catch the initial action of a meteor streaking through the sky.

Peak rates could be as high as 50-60 meteors per hour, but every year this show can be quite variable, but all indications that this could be a good shower.

Dress warmly as temperatures will be dropping into the upper 30s to lower 40s tonight!


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