Sep 19, 2011 1:23 PM by AP

Geithner denies ignoring Obama's request on banks

WASHINGTON (AP) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is denying allegations in a new behind-the-scenes book about the White House that he ignored a direct order from President Barack Obama to help firm up the banking industry.

Geithner said Monday that he absolutely did not and would never ignore a request from the president.

The book, "Confidence Men," by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind, says Geithner and his department ignored a March 2009 order to consider dissolving Citigroup while continuing stress tests on other banks.

The book also portrays Obama as struggling with a divided group of advisers.

Geithner says the reality he lived "bears no relation to the sad little stories" he's heard are in the book. Geithner adds that he hasn't read the book, which is set for release on Tuesday.


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