Apr 19, 2012 7:56 PM by Erin Steuber

Gator caught by Swamp People's Troy Landry in Church Point

An unwelcomed guest ended up in the front yard of a Church Point home. A 9 foot 11 inch gator was removed by a local celebrity, Swamp People's Troy Landry.
Margaret Mounier and her husband were surprised when they got a call from their old family friend asking for a peculiar favor.
"My husband asks 'OK Troy well what would you need from me,'" said Mounier. "He said he got a phone call from Wildlife and Fisheries that there was an alligator by your house, and being a nuisance officer, I need a gun."
"We have these hunters that are contracted out through the department," said Tony Vidrine with Wildlife and Fisheries. "They'll call here and we'll assign them a hunter to go out and remove an alligator."
She said, she recalls them joking about the size of the gator over the phone.
"yeah, it was definitely a shock to see a any alligator," said Mounier. "And to see an alligator of that size was very shocking. Troy and my husband were amazed it was such a large alligator."
We're moving into mating season for alligators so they are on the move and are often seen as unwelcomed guests.
"Mr. Carrier did the right thing by calling Wildlife and Fisheries. Troy said when they come out of hibernation they're typically agressive, so he was surprised it was so docile," said Mounier.
Mounier says the alligator was laying right along the Carrier's driveway, not bothering anyone. But Wildlife and Fisheries says they made the right choice in calling for help.
"Especially when you get into the real big ones, eight foot, nine foot, ten foot, yeah it becomes real dangerous," said Vidrine . "The nuisance alligator hunters deal with these alligators on a regular basis, so they know what to do and they know how to remove them."
Not all alligators are killed before being removed. All small gators, and large gators if possible, are released back into the wild.
"A lot of time you just can't handle them. One guy can't handle them so he'll have to kill the alligator and then remove it," said Vidrine.
It's illegal to kill alligators. Wildlife and Fisheries is available to remove alligators of any size.


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