St. Martin

Oct 21, 2010 7:11 PM by Shawn Kline

Fugitive found under a house

It took police a day and a half to find him, but they captured their fugitive, Paul Collins Jr.
Collins was on the run since tuesday when he escaped from the roof of the St. Martin Parish jail.
Police say they found him hiding just yards away from that jail.
Edward Durand owns a house on church street. He's repairing the steps, the doors and now he's working on the attic- but he never knew he may have had someone living underneath.
"We heard the dogs from inside the house." Durand said, "we knew something would happen."
Police got a tip from a neighbor; they said they saw a fugitive hiding-out on his street.
"It developed into a posse of 11 deputies and 2 dogs," Durand said.
For more than 30 hours, police tracked Collins across Acadiana- they finally found him just yards away from where he escaped, under a house.
"I'm still scared right now." Theresa Vital says, "it's going to take me a while to relax."
Since Tuesday, Vital has been hoping for a quick capture.
"You never know where he's at and we're so close to where the jail house is," Vital said.
Neither Vital nor Durand knew just how close he was.
"It scares me." Vital says, "my heart is still pounding."
"It's kind of hard to believe." Durand says, "but who knows what motivates people."
A town, now relieved a fugitive is back behind bars.


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