Aug 22, 2013 3:54 PM by MELISSA CANONE

Friends of the Horse Farm

Danica Adams and other activists from the successful "Save the Horse Farm" campaign have created Friends of the Horse Farm, a community organization that promotes Lafayette's dream of an open natural park. The organization is guided by an Interim Board of Directors, Advisory Board and an Interim Executive Director.

Friends of the Horse Farm values community voices first, and works to promote a transparent design process with robust public input. The organization celebrates the Horse Farm as invaluable green space in the heart of Lafayette, for the people of Lafayette, and looks forward to its development into a premier natural park.

The organization is excited to announce the launch of their website and Facebook page. The Lafayette community can engage with us on Facebook and visit our website, to stay up to date on Horse Farm events and share their experiences and expectations of the Horse Farm. Visit us online to learn more about our history and the Horse Farm, and sign up to support our efforts.

You can become a supporter of Friends of the Horse Farm to receive updates on Horse Farm events, participate in volunteer opportunities and help spread the word about Friends of the Horse Farm. Sign up to become a supporter on our website, message us on Facebook, or look for us at the Horse Farm Farmer's and Artisan's Market to sign up in person.

Chris Adams, Interim Executive Director, says, "Friends of the Horse Farm is an exciting development in the "Save the Horse Farm" movement. Friends of the Horse Farm continues to champion the public desire for natural park space in Lafayette. It's great to be involved in this critical effort and I look forward to seeing the comments and suggestions on our Facebook page and website."

Angelique Hernandez, Interim Board Member, says, "I am very pleased with our new Facebook page and I think Friends of the Horse Farm is providing a great platform for the community to stay updated on the Horse Farm happenings. Friends of the Horse Farm is a great way to get involved in the Lafayette community and you can join us as a Supporter to stay up to date and learn about volunteer opportunities.

Danica Adams, Founder of Save the Horse Farm, says, "I am excited the Friends of the Horse Farm is continuing the efforts I championed in Save the Horse Farm. Forming Friends of the Horse Farm as a non-profit is a smart step that will give stability and accountability to the organization. I applaud their efforts to engage the community and contribute to the development of a natural public park."



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