Jul 2, 2012 5:38 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Friends and family want answers in car crash victim's death

"We wanna know why. Her mom wants to know why, her daughter's gonna want to know why."

Casie Barras' friends Lisa Richie and Kellie Breaux wonder why driver Wade Lohse isn't being held responsible for her death.

"There were no real consequences all he had was a slap on the wrist and we wanna know why."

"We cannot charge anyone without the evidence."

Lafayette Police Department spokesperson Paul Mouton says Lohse did submit to a blood test at the hospital, but until those results come back, Lohse is a free man. On June 9th, police say Lohse crossed the center line of Youngsville Highway in the 400 block and crashed head on into Barras' car.

He was treated for minor injuries. Richie and Breaux say his charges should have been stiffer.

"The negligence that was involved by this man it should have warranted an arrest and he shouldn't be free right now to do it again."

"We're at the mercy of the lab," says Mouton.

They've taken to social media. Starting a Facebook page and filing a petition asking Lafayette District Attorney Mike Harson to get Lohse off the streets.

"We've seen a lot of people get arrested for a lot less."

This isn't just for Casie this is for all the sons and daughters that have been lost in these kind of accidents."

A trust fund has been set up for Cacie's five-year-old daughter Karley Rae McGrew.

In addition to the trust fund, friends are also planning to hold a peaceful demonstration for Wade Lohse's upcoming pre-trial on July 10 to raise awareness.

To sign the petition click here.



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