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Feb 4, 2011 7:24 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Franklin Man Survives After Vehicle Knocks Him Off Bridge

A Franklin man, Christopher Newsom, is recovering tonight after a car knocked him off a bridge yesterday morning.
His stepmother, Bonita Newsom, said "that is one of the worse things a parent can go through--not knowing the condition of their child."
She said she was bracing herself for the worst, after learning her stepson was hit by a car on a bridge. He was heading to work.
Christopher said, "when I went to get on the overpass, I started hydro-planing because of the ice. My car got slammed into the bridge. I got out to assess the damages and to call my insurance company."
He said as he was talking on the phone, he saw headlights heading right for him.
"What's going through your head is what can I do to get out of this situation," he said. "To be honest I couldn't have done anything, the quickest thing I could do is try to jump-- jump over the car."
He didn't clear the car, instead the impact sent him flying off the bridge.
He dropped 130 feet into the frigid waters of teh Franklin Canal.
Christopher broke his leg during the fall. After he landed in the water, he swam to the rocks about fifteen feet away. That's when someone heard his cry for help.
He says he screamed, "please help! A guy across the bayou said he could hear me, but he couldn't see me, so he sent somebody else on the other side."
Christopher was taken to a nearby hospital in Franklin. His family said despite two missing teeth, a few bruises and a fractured leg, they can't believe he survived.
Bonita said, "when I touch him he's warm and I'd much rather sit here than be at a morgue."


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