Mar 21, 2011 7:01 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Fourth Graders Ready for LEAP Test

Students are preparing to take the first portion of the LEAP test tomorrow. The high stakes test determines whether or not fourth and eighth graders will move on to the next grade level.
Fourth grader, Gillian Stutes, said "it's a pass or fail and I want to go to fifth grade."
Stutes isn't the only one who realizes how crucial it is for her to pass the LEAP test. Parent Jonnie Sonnier said she thinks she's more nervous then her daughter Farrah.
"I think it's on the back of everyone's mind," she said. "Fourth grade, fourth grade you have a test and you have to pass to move on."
Teacher Dana Rivera said, "there is stress associated with it however it hold us to a higher standard and the comprehensive curriculum preps them for the test."
Rivera said her students have been preparing since kindergarten. The first phase of the test will include writing--something Gillian said she's ready for.
She said she will start her essay, "by grabbing your readers attention, make sure to tell what you are writing about."
Many students say they feel as prepared as they can be with everything they've learned in class. Now it's all mental, making sure they stay calm.
Teacher Laci Maniscalco said "we want them to realize you are still a kid and yes it's a big deal, but we don't want them to be so stressed out it affects the outcome of the test."
Sonnier said her plan is to make sure her daughter gets some rest and eats a good breakfast .
"I'll be relieved when we find out the results, but yes tomorrow Farrah will be relieved," she said. "She'll have a good breakfast and be ready to go."


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