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Feb 9, 2012 7:22 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Four Opelousas stores busted for illegal alcohol sales

Opelousas police and Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control bust four Opelousas stores accused of selling alcohol to a minor.

Police say all four stores sold alcohol to the underage informant. They targeted Fastway #1 Food Mart, Lewis' Cash and Carry, Bikini Betty's and Tiger Stop after receiving complaints.

"We've been receiving calls in regards to certain areas here in the city limits where juveniles have been going to purchase alcohol."

Once the buy is verified police go back and confront the employee. They also check for other signs of illegal activity like possible synthetic marijuana or drug paraphernalia.

"We have investigators that are looking into the sale and purchase of illegal marijuana in those packs that they're selling, of course we're taking some of that to the crime lab."

In each case, no one asked the 19-year-old for an ID. Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control Assistant Special Agent in charge Bruce Alsandor says stores caught selling to minors can face a variety of penalties.

"Each location was issued an administrative violation for the actual sale and those that actually made the sale were issued a criminal summons."

Opelousas PD and Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control say they hope operations like this will stop store owners and employees from selling alcohol to people underage.


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