Aug 1, 2012 6:17 PM by Erin steuber

Former LPD officer sued for sexual battery

The Lafayette Police Department is facing yet another lawsuit, this time for an alleged sexual battery that happened almost a year ago. The officer in question no longer works for the department, but the victim says she's scared that he is still walking the streets while the criminal case plays out. The victim, Pamela Harris, and her attorney held a press conference detailing what she says happened.
"She witnessed a man get knocked unconscious by an assailant," said Attorney Roshelle Jones. "She immediately called 911 and reported the incident to police. The first officer to arrive to the scene was the defendant Jackie Hagan."
harris claims after she filed the report, Officer Hagen insisted on driving her home.
"While Officer Hagan began driving Pamela home, he began asking her very personal and uncomfortable questions," said Jones. "He even asked her if she and her husband ever had other people in their relationship."
Harris says she started getting scared of Hagan, even asking if they could stop so she could use the restroom. She says he refused. When she arrived home, she says, the officer blocked her from going inside and claims that's when he attacked her. She alleges Hagen forced his tongue in her mouth, kissed her neck and bite her breast.
"At this point Pamela urinated on herself and pushed Officer Hagan hard and ran into her house," said Jones. '"Pamela cried hysterically and ran into her room and took a shower. She called her husband and several friends and told them what happened. She also called 911 and reported the incident to police."
The DA's office says Hagen's DNA was found on Harris' bra. Subsequently the officer was charged with sexual battery. Hagan's attorney did enter a written plea of not guilty on his behalf.  He's due in court next week. The Lafayette Police Department says Hagan resigned in January, after the alleged assault, but before he was arrested. Other than that, LPD refused to comment on the case.


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