Jul 6, 2010 6:50 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Flood Water in Iberia Seeps into Homes


Flood waters took over some New Iberia neighborhoods today. Residents on Neco Town Road woke up this morning to a lake surrounding their homes.  Ida Lewis said she wasn’t the first to notice the flood water—her dog did.

"He thought he had a straight shot and he just went into the water," she said.

Another resident, Vallery Lewis, said "I opened up the door and I was like Oh My Gosh I'm going to have to use a canoe again to get out of our home."

Water even seeped inside some of the houses.

Viola Drouen said everything she worked for was ruined by the water--her television and couch. Another neighbor, Myrtle Butler, said the water was "all by the bed and into the bathroom."

This isn't the first time the street has seen such bad flooding. Residents say it happens often and some are worried about losing their homes.

Ida Lewis explained, "The bottom is rotten because it's too many times, time after time after time."

Her daughter Precious Lewis said, "this kind of rain you would think a little rain but whenever we have constant rain--constant rain. It gets like this."

Neighbors say the source of the water is a ditch right behind their homes and all they want is the problem fixed.

Precious Lewis said, "Just clean the drain out because we are tired of this."

Viola Derouen added, "They come look at it sure--but looking and doing is two different things."

If the ditch isn't fixed, neighbors say they're worried about what will happen if rain continues to fall.


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