May 6, 2010 11:41 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Fire at Lafayette Recycling Foundation Under Control


  The Lafayette Fire Department is still working at this hour on putting out a fire at the Recycling Foundation on Cameron Street.

Firemen got to the scene at 1:30 this afternoon and have been working frantically ever since.           

Officials aren't sure of what sparked the flames, but say paper and cardboard were the first things to catch on fire.

According to Lafayette resident Sandy Lotora, "they couldn't stop the fire, it just kept spreading and everything, they had to take the hose and spray it and everything but it just kept emerging."

The fire spread close to homes on Sternburg Drive which left residents fearing they'd lose everything.

Phyllis Celestine rushed home when she recieved a phone call at work saying her home was on fire. She says, "a ten minute drive felt like an hour drive, to get home and be frightened. i just rushed home to find out that this plant in the back of my house was on fire."

Randy Celestine decided to take action. "I got worried and i grabbed my water hose and started spraying," he said.

 The flames didn't reach any of the homes, but the smoke blanketed the streets.

     If your recycling collection is scheduled for pick up tomorrow still put it on the curb.

     The Recycling Foundation is planning on  collecting those materials.

     A representative said if it doesn't get picked up tomorrow, then leave it there and it will be collected Saturday.




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