Mar 15, 2013 11:28 PM by Erin Steuber

Fight Over TSA Policy Change Continues

The fight continues over the possibility of allowing small knives onto airplanes. Flight attendants, pilots and the airlines have all criticized the TSA's change in policy, but the agency is standing its ground.

But how big of a problem is the issue in Acadiana?

As the debate continues, we took that question to officials at Lafayette Regional Airport, who say on average, once a day, they confiscate a knife at airport security. Security is tight at airport checkpoints across the country, including Lafayette Regional.

"We've had a cross section of everything from the weapons you talk about knives, to loaded handguns," said Director of Aviation Greg Roberts.

Roberts says that can happen once a day, but that number always increases come hunting season.

"It's an omission. It's not something they're trying to do. The standard line is 'I forgot it was in there,'" said Roberts. "They do give you the option, sometimes, of going and putting it in your car if it's in the lot and you've got time."

The TSA is recommending the changes so they can focus more on detecting explosives. Roberts, a former pilot himself, doesn't see too much of an issue with allowing small knives onboard.

"I'd say that that pen in your hand is every bit as dangerous as one of these knives. What about the people with martial arts training? They have thumbs they can do all sorts of dastardly deeds with," said Roberts.

While the debate continues across the country, worth noting, the changes proposed by the TSA are on par with airport policies across the globe.

The new policy will also allow passengers to bring onboard golf clubs, hockey sticks, even baseball bats. Box cutters and razor blades will still be prohibited. The policy goes into effect on April 25th. Before flying always check for the latest policies.


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