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Jul 27, 2011 7:19 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Farmers are Ready for a Break from the Rain

It's going on three weeks of constant rain in some parts of Acadiana. Many residents are getting tired of it and so are local farmers.

During the first few weeks of Summer Sugarcane Farmer, Tim Albert, said, "we were getting concerned. We were actually on vacation when it started raining, so it was nice to call back home and they tell us it was raining."

Now three weeks later and it's still pouring. Albert's land in Maurice is soaked ,after seven inches of rainfall in the past week alone.

"We really need a break and everyone does right now, the rice farmers, the soy bean farmers," he said.

Sugar cane farmers don't start harvesting their crops until about mid September. So typically during this time of year, they are ut in fields, planting for next season, but all the water is making it impossible.

LSU Ag county agent, Stan Dutile, said "it's going to delay the planting of next year's crop unless we get some good dry weather."

The drought earlier this summer ruined some of Albert's sugarcane. He now worries if it continues to rain more damage will be done.

"A week makes a big difference in cane, " he said. "We need some hot weather right now-that's going to make the cane really grow."

Dutile said, "if we can get back to our normal Louisiana weather pattern, where it rains and then dry back and forth. That's the best thing for farmers and the crops that we grow."


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