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May 25, 2013 10:00 PM by Akeam Ashford

Family Survives Second House Fire in Five Years

Imagine having to rebuild your life and home after two fires, in less than five years. A family in Breaux Bridge will have to do just that after they found out their home had caught fire. The family's home caught fire Friday afternoon. "I just went through a house fire 5 years ago. Now I'm going through it again. I have to start all over again, this is hard," says Nara Batiste.

Batiste was working when she found out. "I dropped to the floor because I didn't really know what was really going on, and then we rushed from work and came here," says Batiste.

There was nothing she could do, but watch as everything she owns was destroyed for the second time. "My daughter was just crying, crying, crying. They was like we're homeless; basically we are, we are." Walking around seeing what's left, reminds her of the nightmares 5 years ago.
"We was sleeping, that was at 2 in the morning. Basically I got up and the house was on fire; my mom, my sister, and my daughter all died."

Batiste says she just started to accept what happened, but now she has only memories of her home, and she'll have to start the grieving process all over again. "Honestly I can't tell you what's next, I don't know. Most likely the first thing is just to pray that every thing's going to get better, says Batiste.

The family says the fire was a complete lost, and are asking for the communities support. Batiste is mainly looking for clothes for her and her four children: DonAsia-10yrs(daughter)-(top & bottom size 10), Dylan-9yrs(size 7), Tylan-6yrs(size 6), and Brennan-5yrs(size 5). Mother(medium shirt/bottom 13). There's also been an account set up for the family by a family friend to help buy their basic necessities: Savings Account is through Chase Bank(account holder name is Narra Batiste)



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