Mar 18, 2011 7:18 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Family Speaks Out After Mamou Stand-Off Ends Deadly

Two Mamou families are still trying to understand what happened during yesterday's fatal stand off. The 14 hour stand-off occurred in the 200 block of East St.
Mamou Police received a domestic disturbance call at 7:30 yesterday morning.
Officers said the suspect, Larry Thomas, was holding his wife hostage.
State Police were called in to assist at 4 pm. Just after 10 pm, members of the Swat team entered the home.
They found Thomas armed with a gun, so Swat personnel opened fire---- fatally shooting him. His Hostage, Joyce, was already dead.
The suspect's brother, Allen Thomas, said "I dunno what happened he tried to tell me where she was at. He said she was on the floor."
The victim's brother, Lee Ray Gallow, said "he just robbed her. He stole it all. He got children; he took their heart away that's his children's mamma. He took my heart, that's my sister."
Gallow said his younger sister was no stranger to abuse.
"It started years ago--the abuse," he said. "Their kids were small and now they are grown."
Family members said the two were separated and Joyce had been staying at her brother's house for the past few weeks. Gallow said Larry heard she was with a another man and that's when he showed up at the home.
"She's been so happy the past couple of weeks," he said. "I've never seen her happy like that in so long--ten years."
Allen said he didn't think his brother had a history of abuse or the ability to kill.
"I didn't think he was going to do it," Thomas said. "I guess he was too much angry I guess."
Both said all they can do now is lean on family to help get through this tough time.




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