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Oct 25, 2012 12:02 AM by Maddie Garrett

Family Seeks Answers in Cold Case

A family in St. Mary Parish is still looking for answers after their loved one was found dead over two years ago. The case has been cold ever since. Now the family of Glenn Lemoine is asking for the public's help and hope to breath new life into the case.

Glenn Lemoine, from Patterson, disappeared back in August 2010, in Baldwin while on his way home from a casino. His family found his car abandoned near Highway 90, but there was no sign of him. They searched for several days before finally finding his body in the Charenton Canal. Lemoine was 60 years old.

The mystery of Lemoine's death was never solved and now his 11 children have hired a private investigator to hopefully finally figure out what happened the night he disappeared. It's been more than two years since their family was whole, two years of a weight on their shoulders.

"I mean it's always, we think about it everyday, questions weren't answered. We don't know what happened, we wonder everyday," said Lemoine's son, Patrick Lemoine.

Lemoine's family said they've waited for answers from the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, but haven't heard from them since three weeks after their father died back in 2010.

"We did not get an investigation like my dad deserves, my dad was not a nobody," said daughter Amy Perkins.

Perkins said some things just don't add up, like the initial coroner's report listed the cause of death as drowning, but four months later it was changed to undetermined. They also find it strange his body was decomposed beyond recognition, even though he could only have been in the water for two to three days. Lemoine's left hand was also missing when family members found his body.

"Somebody had to have seen something that night. I mean that's a highway right there, they have the casino, so many people are leaving the casino at that time, at night time you know, it just doesn't make sense," said Perkins.

Surveillance video from the night he disappeared showed Lemoine leaving the casino where he was well known. He appeared to be intoxicated and the family said he apparently won big that night. But when they found his body there was no money on him.

"We don't know if he was robbed. I honestly think somebody ran him off the road and robbed him and then just put him in the canal like that," Perkins said.

St. Mary Sheriff Mark Hebert told KATC, "no case is ever closed until there is a definite answer. But with no new information, there's no where to go" with the investigation.

The family has hired private investigator John Abdella out of Lafayette. Anyone with any kind of information on what might have happened to Lemoine is asked to call Abdella at 337-235-0270.



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