Feb 5, 2010 7:37 PM by Jim Hummel

Family Prepares for Deployment

Over the past month at Camp Shelby, it's been a life of regiment for the 256th Infantry Brigade.  Long days of training that for some, serve as a distraction from the emotions of missing friends and family back home.

"Being away from home is always tough, but we've been very busy training and the training has been good," said Sgt. Chad Primeaux.

A citizen-soldier for more than 20 years and facing his second deployment to Iraq, Sgt. Primeaux says he copes with being away by immersing himself in his job, but everyday misses his other "job" in Sunset, as dad to Christian and Cameron, and husband to Melissa.

"I try to be strong, it's hard at times, because it affects all of us; kids, family members," said Melissa Primeaux.

Over the course of the next year, members of the Primeaux family will be taking on new roles, take 12 year old Cameron, now "man of the house."

"I told him I said 'ok you need to take care of your mom and brother,' not literally, but to give him some onus to being the oldest son," Sgt. Primeaux said.

A family temporarily divided once again, adjusting to the change and hoping the next year flies by.

"It will, it will, just staying busy is the main thing and just keeping that line of communication open," Melissa Primeaux said.

Sgt. Primeaux is planning to deploy to Iraq in the middle of February, but is first going to have the chance to enjoy four days of leave at home with his friends and family in Sunset.


Jim Hummel


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