St. Landry

Nov 29, 2013 6:53 PM by Akeam Ashford

Family Practicing Blacksmithing Some 200 Years Later

When you think of industries in Acadiana, most people think about the oil and gas industry. There's one forgotten trade though, one that's been passed down in a St. Landry family for 200 years.

Jason Langlinais is a 5th generation blacksmith; he's using the same tools and equipment his great great-grandfather used in the 1800's. "He had no job when he came back from the Civil War. Down here in the south, especially in Louisiana the economy was wrecked, so that's what he did," Langlinais said.

The dangerous fire and hot metals lying around kept him from learning the family trade early on. Then, 15 years ago, after his dad gave it up, he decided to try his hand at it. "I had all of my great grandfathers tools hanging around the house. One day I just decided to pick it up and start going with it," said Langlinais.

Today, Langlinais is a blacksmith mainly as a hobby. Creating ornate pieces for trade shows and festivals. He creates things he says can last forever. With a trade, just as timeless. "It's something that I can bring back to life almost and share it with other people," Langlinais said.



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