Feb 14, 2011 7:42 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Family of Eight Looses Home in Fire

A Lafayette father saves his five children with the help of his teenage nephew, after their house goes up in flames. It happened early Monday morning on Champagne Street in Lafayette.
Melvin Davis said, "it's hard, where do we go from here. We don't have nothing, the kids don't have anything to wear to school. No one has any shoes to put on."
Davis said he can't believe all that remains of his family's home is charred up piles of wood. He said if it weren't for his nephew, Ameon Alexander, he may not be alive today.
"We had all just laid down to go to sleep and then everything just happened," he said.
Officials said a hot water heater is to blame. The fire started in the back of the house and then quickly spread to the living room. Alexander was the first to smell the smoke because he was asleep on the couch in living room.
Alexander said, "after I woke up, I got up. My face was full of smoke. I got down on the floor and ran. The first thing I thought was I have to get to my uncle Melvin and let him know."
Davis said, "he woke up everybody and was hollering the house was on fire."
Davis made two trips into the burning house to rescue his children. His eleven year-old daughter, Diamond, was the last to be found.
"I just heard her saying daddy, daddy, daddy and I just listened for her,," he said. "When I found her, I darted right back out the house."
Even though his children made it out safely, he said not all of his family members escaped.
"I had two dogs that were stuck in the house and we couldn't get them out of there," he explained. "They were part of the family, we had them for over ten years."
If you'd like to donate to the family, you can call (337) 234-7371. The American Red Cross has set up an account for them.


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