Mar 11, 2011 12:13 AM by Maddie Garrett

Family Mourns Loss of Missing Man

The bank of the Vermillion River in Lafayette was the last place the Jackson family expected to find their loved one. 39-year-old Mitch Jackson had gone missing last Friday, his body was discovered Thursday morning around 10:00 a.m. trapped in some branches in the water.

How his body ended up in the river is still a mystery, and now Mitch Jackson's family wonders what happened and how they'll continue on.

"The hardest part of my day was having to call his mom and tell her she had lost another son," said Tallie Jackson, Mitch's wife.

The past week had been a nightmare for Tallie and her family as they searched desperately for their father and husband.

"I just really appreciate everyone, who hung flyers, who sent their prayers," said Tallie.

After filing a missing persons report on Saturday, it was friends, family and even strangers who set out to look for Mitch Jackson.

"Without them he would still be out there," she said.

It wasn't until Thursday morning that their worst fears had come true. Mitch was found dead. Tallie said her family is her support now.

"This little girl, my son, my parents are here, friends, that's what's keeping me going," she said.

But there are still questions left unanswered about how Mitch's body ended up in the waters of the Vermillion river.

"I'm very curious to find out exactly what those answers are but until then we're just going to lean on the support of God, friends and family to get through this time and we'll deal with that as it comes," said Mitch's brother, Joey Jackson.

Not knowing what happened is difficult for the Jacksons, but the loss of a loved one is almost too much to bare.

"He wasn't just my brother, he's my friend," said Joey.

"I just wanted to wake up next to him again, that's it, I just wanted to wake up next to him again," said Tallie.

Funeral arrangements for Mitch Jackson are pending. Meanwhile the coroner's office is conducting an autopsy to determine a cause of death. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office does not suspect foul play.



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