Mar 18, 2013 9:00 AM by Kristen Holloway

Family Adventure Day: Healing House Community Fundraiser

There will be a lot of green shirts around Lafayette this Saturday. A joint project KATC is honored to be part of, the 5th Annual Family Adventure Day. A community fundraiser put on by the Healing House.
This fun-filled fundraiser means families can attend as many adventures as they want all day long.
One Lafayette mother says the Healing House and Adventure Day has truly helped her family cope and make lasting memories.
The healing house is just that a place where children can heal after losing a parent or a sibling. Mary Courville lost her 13th month old, Nicholas Tate when his lungs failed in 2007. Healing House helped her family and her two other children cope with his death.
"I think its made them more open about it, we've just had so much support here. It's just a great place to be with other people who understand what you're going through," said Courville.
Jenee Broussard says one of the bright spots in coping and healing is spending time together with your loved ones at Family Adventure Day.
"I know this day in age everyone is torn between activities and cell phones and computers and so for one day families get to spend the entire day together making memories," said Broussard Healing House Executive Director.
Participants start out with a map, it has about 31 locations around Lafayette, where they can go and take part in various activities.
"Some of the hot spots are Clayfish Bisque where families can paint to tile there together. We have face painting at Mcdonalds along with other remote control car racing at Big Boys Toys and our new one we're exciting about is canoeing at the Acadiana Cultural Center," said Broussard.
The real pay back is the memories families make, all the while, all proceeds go to help the Healing House support groups.
"This truly makes a difference in their childs lives. They can come here and talk about being angry and talk about their loves whose died and no one is going to look at them differently.
"It's been a long difficult journey very hard, but I do believe with the support we've had here, the motto at Healing House is no child should grieve alone and that is so true," said Courville.
To register for Adventure Day, its f$40 for a family of four. You can register at this link This event kicks off this Saturday at 9a.m. and goes until 5p.m.


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