May 20, 2013 8:29 AM by Kristen Holloway

Extreme Couponing Helps One Acadiana Family Save Money

Now more than ever it's important to save every penny when it comes to providing for large families.

I'm sure you've heard of extreme couponing, where customers creatively use coupons to save money in the check out line, but for Madelene Boudreaux she says that was just one aspect of her savings plan.

Imagine feeding and shopping for eight children, well that's reality for Madelene Boudreaux who says her spending habits had spiraled out of control.

"Over the years we've acquired a little bit, no a lot of credit card debit just daily needs just things you thought they had to have and you couldn't afford and you would charge it. That kind of snow balled into just too much," said Boudreaux.

At the time she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and because of undergoing chemo and radiation, she wasn't able to work often.

"At hat point our finances really went down," said Boudreaux.

However learning extreme couponing helped to improve her finances.

"I had that crazy binder with me when I shopped. The first time I bought it out, my kids were like oh don't bring that in the store and now they're like do you have your book, are we going to save money, are we going to get free mascara today," said Boudreaux.

Before couponing, she would buy generic brands thinking it would save the family money but she learned thats not always true.

"You can afford the higher brand items, the name brand things that smell better, work better and look better because when you coupon correctly they end up cheaper than the generic brand. I found many many times that we saved lots and lots of money, in the hundreds at times so it's well worth it," said Boudreaux.

For this mother of eight, aggressively couponing was just one way to save.

"We do grow our own veggies, we have two little gardens in different areas of the yard. We sew, we might take an old shirt or blouse, dress or skirt and make a little dress for the grandkids," said Boudreaux.

Madelene's goal was simply to provide for her family but even still today she has a hard time paying full price for anything.

"There's a lot of apps you can have on your phone to help you have coupons to save at any store.
I'm definitely happy that we decided to do this, I look at all the money that we've wasted in the past and all the money that we save now, where we're maybe able to use it on different things that we need or want it just has a way of balancing out," said Boudreaux.

so what can you do to save your family money?
This is one website that shows you how to start couponing
Also here are a few tips to help you save more money.
1. Set a budget
2. Buy in bulk
3. Eliminate excessive credit use



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