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May 24, 2011 11:52 PM by Shawn Kline

Evacuation turns Butte La Rose into Ghost Town

Ever take the time to actually listen to the clock tick?
Many Butte La Rose residents were doing just that as time ran out for those still in the town at noon on Tuesday.
Now, those clocks are stopped; packed up. Time stands still in Butte La Rose.

It's a virtual ghost town- as only a handful chose to remain locked inside their homes. No one is allowed in.

"Can we get by here just for a few minutes?" I asked a police officer.

"We're told NO ONE is allowed to go by," he said.

Butte La Rose residents had their warning. Now, a mandatory evacuation is in place.
Deputies put-up "ROAD CLOSED" signs just around noon as the final part of the mandatory evacuation - all efforts now preparing for high rising flood waters.

But... underneath the roar of the interstate, there was some sign of human existance.

"it's certainly not pleasant to see," Mitch Harris said. "But mother nature is going to take what she wants when she wants it."

Harris stood under the overhang of Interstate-10. Staring at the water, now surrounding one of the the four-lane's concrete pillars.
He was just passing through when he happened to stop at Butte La Rose.

"I saw the TV cameras and the police activity." Harris says, "keeping up with the news, I knew what was happening."

The only person I could find was just a visitor but after a few minutes, he followed the same path the evacuees took- back on I-10. But before he left, he had some final words:

"If the powers to be say, "get-out!" It's best to get out."

St. Martin Parish Deputies and the Army National Guard will be watching those places where the road is closed-- standing their post around the clock.

No word on when the Atchafalaya Highway could possibly be open again.



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