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Feb 7, 2012 8:47 PM by Shawn Kline

Eunice murder suspect heads to trial

Despite dropping the charges against one suspect, a district judge ruled there was sufficient probable cause to take the other to trial for murder.

In December, Eunice Police arrested two men, Warren Gautreaux and Quentin Ceasar. Gautreaux and Ceasar were accused of murdering Youric and Mary Anne Courville at their Boudreaux St. home back in 2006.

Their arrests were a major high point for Police Chief Ronald Dies. After winning the election in 2010, Dies moved a lot of time and resources into the cold case in an attempt to solve the murder that went cold after Police were unable to produce enough evidence to prosecute any suspects.

Then, in January, a district judge dropped the murder charge against Ceasar. Judge Donald Hebert called the evidence against Ceasar, "startlingly lacking in specificity."

Warren Gautreaux was looking for a similar ruling from Judge Hebert on Tuesday, but he didn't get it.

Despite a lack of physical evidence and eyewitnesses, Judge Hebert ruled that police had enough probable cause to arrest Gautreaux and take him to trial.

Prosecutors named more than a dozen witnesses during Gautreaux's hearing. Many of those witnesses, police say,
heard Gautreaux confess to the crime.

Gautreaux's counsel claimed many of those witnesses are unreliable due to some of their changing stories from the time the murders happened in 2006 to the most recent investigation in 2011.

Judge Donald Hebert said the witness testimonies were compelling enough to allow a jury to decide Gautreaux's innocence or guilt.

St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor is in the process of reviewing Quentin Ceasar's file and may consider taking him to a Grand Jury.




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