Oct 16, 2012 10:20 PM by Steven Albritton

Eunice Couple Loses Home to Fire

It was a day that started out normal for the Smith's. Tim Smith was on his patio working when he heard his smoke detector go off.

"I started smelling smoke. So, I went down the hall and it was filled with smoke, and apparently the attic was on fire," Tim Smith said.

Tim Smith's wife was in Lafayette for the day helping a friend. When she called home to check in with in her husband, the reply she got was one she never thought she would hear.

"He said the house is on fire. I mean I just about died at that point. I was alone. I started hysterically crying. I just couldn't believe what I heard," Maxie Smith said.

The fire started somewhere in the attic and spread quickly throughout the house. The Smith's say this home was known as one of the strongest ever built in Eunice. It was 60 years old and was built by a man who started the neighborhood it sits in.

For now, Eunice Fire Chief Mike Arnold says it is unlikely they will find a cause for the fire. He says so much of the home was burned it will be hard to determine. The Smith's, although upset their home of nine years is gone, are glad they still have the most important things in their life. They say it could have been much worse.

"Tim and I are fine. Our pets are OK. We are together with our family and that's what really matters. We can rebuild or do whatever we want."



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