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Escaped Inmate Recap from Evangeline Parish

Brian Keith Soileau is not expected to be armed. He was in the Pine Prairie jail on a bank robbery charge and has been locked up since the beginning of August.
The Pine Prairie Correctional Center can house around one-thousand inmates. It's located on a 15-acre site that has a double perimeter security fence and a non-lethal electric stun fence.
Deputies tell us Soileau escaped by draping a towel over a barbed wire fence and climbing over. He was noticed missing from a group of inmates just before eight.
What deputies don't know was how he escaped from the group or how he crossed the fence with no one seeing him.
Deputies say Soileau was cut in the escape and will be bloody as a result.
News of Soileau's escape was buzzing around Pine Prairie today. Residents say they're frustrated law enforcement officers didn't even get the word out about an escaped inmate.
Pine Prairie is a small town. Nearly everyone knows everyone, and that's how Sue Williams found out Brian Soileau escaped.
Others found out from the news, some from Facebook. One man didn't know what was going on until he dropped his child off at school and saw there was a lockdown.
Brian Soileau was arrested two months ago, accused of robbing the town's only bank at gun-point. His wife Anna was charged and has since been released on bond.
Investigator Shawn Eckhart says he doesn't believe she helped him escape.
Brian is still a person of interest in a break-in a couple of weeks before the bank robbery. He's accused of using a backhoe to steal an ATM, but he was unsuccessful.
We asked the warden at Pine Prairie Correctional Center why the public wasn't informed as soon as they realized Soileau escaped. He says it's the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's responsibility, but the Sheriff's Office says it's the other way around.

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