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Jun 1, 2012 7:28 PM by Alex Labat

EquuSearch Suspends Search Efforts

For eight days Texas EquuSearch helped the Shunick Family try to find answers as to where Mickey could be.

But Tim Miller and his team are now leaving, since there have been no new leads since Mickey's bike was discovered.

Miller can't stay in one place for too long, because his work is never done.

"We've got one in Meridian Mississippi that we're going to be going up on...it never ends."

EquuSearch searched both the land and water, using sonar equipment from both in and out of state. Even though Texas EquuSearch is leaving, they're leaving behind the hope that Mickey Shunick could be found."

Tim Miller knows the dangers of giving up on a case.

"I gave up on Elizabeth Smart, and guess what Elizabeth was certainly found alive. And so we'll hold on to that small, little sliver of hope."

Charlie Shunick hopes that volunteer efforts will ramp up now that EquuSearch is saying goodbye.

"We need footsoldiers, we need volunteers coming here doing things for us, we still need lots of food donations and everything so anything people can do like that would be awesome."


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