Jan 25, 2010 8:53 PM by Jim Hummel

Equation for Depression in "Who Dat" Nation?

Hard to believe it in Saints territory, but some actually consider January 25th to be the most depressing day of 2010.  "Blue Monday," as it's called started a few years back when a British psychiatrist came up with an equation, which points to the last Monday of January as the day most people are likely to be feeling a bit blue.

The psychiatrist cited factors like weather, debt from the holidays, and time that's passed since the holidays in deriving an equation to explain his theory.

"I don't think that people here are any more depressed out here than any other day," said Rick Perkins, an assistant professor of psychology at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Perkins says the equation holds little merit, and is more for entertainment purposes.  He thinks it may be more applicable in other parts of the world, where unlike Monday here in Lafayette, it isn't always sunny and pushing 60 degrees.

"If he did an equation here, there would be some other conditions to take into account," Perkins said.

Conditions like team spirit, and a sense of pride that's taken over "Who Dat" nation this Monday, the day after the NFC Championship.


Jim Hummel


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