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Dec 5, 2012 7:38 PM by Kristen Holloway

Entertainment Publications and Confusion

The owner of a national couponing site is defending himself. Owners of at least five Acadiana businesses say they didn't sign off on deals being offered on Saturday we told you about several business owners who say they're in the dark about deals offered on the website, and they're not honoring purchases. Those behind say they are legitimate. However local business owners are still concerned even after reading the fine print.
"If companies are going to do business together, everybody involved should know what's happening," said Sophi P. Cakes Owner Dustin Melancon.
Melancon recently discovered is offering coupon deals for his business, Sophi P. Cakes but he's not offering special deals through the website and says the company didn't even ask permission to list him.
Big CEO Matt Rowlen says he's doing nothing wrong. He's working with a third party, Entertainment Publications a discount company that works with Acadiana businesses.
"We work through our partners, and we have 100's of them. One of them, is Entertainment Publications," Rowlen.
There it is in fine print in the Entertainment Publication contract, they can advertise on a third-party site, like
"If I'm getting a coupon in my shop I should know about it because why would I honor something I've never seen before or have no clue about," said Melancon.
To add more confusion, Entertainment Publications says it no longer works with and is no longer providing deals to the site.
"Entertainment was not satisfied with the practices as conducted by the site, which was reason for termination of the agreement," said spokesperson of Entertainment Publications Bill Daddi.
Rowlen has a different story. He says they're still working together.
"We have an existing agreement," said Rowlen.
Bill Daddi disagrees saying the relationship only lasted a few months.
The website's CEO, says with more than 150,000 offers on the site, he's not able to communicate with every business owner. The owner of Poor Boy's Riverside Inn says despite her legitimate contract she had with Entertainment Publications, she's still frustrated about how deals are handled on the website.


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