Dec 23, 2011 6:47 PM by Chris Welty

Enfamil Scare Hits Close to Home

Walmart is still recalling formula after the death of a ten-day-old boy.

This after he died from a rare bacterial infection known as Cronobacter Sakazakii. The infant possibly got sick from Enfamil Powdered Infant Formula. Reports of this death in Missouri hits close to home for one Acadiana mom.

The formula has not been directly linked to the child's illness, but KATC'S Chris Welty talks to the mother about the drastic change in her son after he stopped taking it.

Baby Bryson looks like any other healthy baby boy. His mother says he has a good appetite and he is full of laughter, but just a few weeks ago, he gave the family quite a scare after possibly getting sick from baby formula.

"I'm feeding my child, nourishing my child with this, and it's poison," said Keely Simoneaux.

Enfamil Formula is what Bryson ate regularly. His mother says out of the blue one day, he started having stomach problems, and blood in his stool.

"It was devastating to open your child's diaper and to see that."

After several more bloody diapers, Bryson was rushed to the hospital where several test were run.

"The doctor said bacterial infection from his formula...I thought there is no way."

As the doctor recommended, she changed Bryson's formula and the stomach problems and bloody diapers stopped. Bryson is now on a new formula.

"It works for some, it doesn't for others. With this going on, I would just choose something else."

FDA officials say they are testing the formula in the Missouri case.
The preliminary results won't be in until next week.



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