Apr 22, 2011 11:27 PM by Shawn Kline

Emergency shrimp season closes; shrimpers concerns

The shrimp boats are back in the Port of Delcambre after a week-long emergency shrimp season but fishermen say they actually lost money and they're now concerned with their next catch, when waters reopen in May.

Sherri Broussard says the shrimp is what she expected but other costs and competition are making shrimping a tough business.

"I've lost money," Broussard said.

What Broussard does have, she'll have to sell to the processor at a lower price. She says when summer rolls around, there might not be much left in the ocean to turn a profit at all.

"We still have all these boats coming from out of town to take our local fisherman's catch." Broussard asks, "what are we going to do come May and August season when they come in to catch the local fisherman's shrimp?"

"Still got about 900 or a thousand pounds left," Terral Melancon estimated on his boat.

Melancon now looks to the next season, wondering if it will have a better yield when he goes back out in another few weeks.

"It could and it can't." He says, "we took a little bit out of the basket."

A little out of the basket that could take a little more out of the pockets of local fishermen.

"I really think the shrimp's going to be smaller." Broussard says, "because they did this emergency opening, I don't think the fishermen are going to catch what they think they should've caught."

"You'll never know until you go out there," Melancon added.



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